kennedy space center restaurants

Restaurants at Kennedy Space Center

Located on Merritt Island in Florida, the John F. Kennedy Space Center is one of the most popular places among astrophiles. You must experiment with the restaurants at Kennedy Space Center that have a range of food option. The restaurants at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will ensure that you have an out-of-this-world dining experience. All the restaurants at Kennedy Space Center offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy options. Crew members are all around to assist you with more menu information. The restaurants at Kennedy Space Center also use fully biodegradable and recycled cutlery for their service.

Types of Restaurants at Kennedy Space Center

 Kennedy Space Center restaurants

Orbit Cafe

The Orbit Cafe's motto is "faster and fresher," and the lettuces and herbs in the salads are grown hydroponically in towers right in front of your eyes. The Orbit Café, conveniently located, serves freshly prepared salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, dessert, and more. The Orbit Café is positioned conveniently across The Space Shop. You can have breakfast and lunch at this Kennedy Space Center restaurant.

Kennedy Space Center restaurants

Moon Rock Café

This themed café is among the most popular of the Kennedy Space Center dining options. After your Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, you can opt for Moon Rock Café with its indoor and outdoor seating. Moon Rock Café lets you have lunch among Apollo spacecraft and artifacts in the Apollo/Saturn V Center. This café offers meal options as well as delicacies like Chicken, Bacon & Swiss Melt and Pepperoni Pizza.



The Kennedy Space Center IMAX is known to screen fascinating documentaries and films that would take the breath away of the visitors. The best part of this experience is that you can enjoy these films with snacks from IMAX Snax. All the classic movie theater offerings like soda, candies, and popcorn can be found at this Kennedy Space Center restaurant.

kennedy space center restaurants

Planet Play Lounge

Planet Play is a fantastic addition to the Kennedy Room Center Visitor Complex since it not only provides much-needed space for young explorers, but also provides a wonderful place for parents to sit, relax, and recharge. On the second floor, a bar with coffee, wine, and beer provides parents with the finest view of the entire play area, allowing them to take a much-needed break without worrying about their children getting lost.

kennedy space center restaurants

Milky Way

After exploring the galaxies and constellations, if you find yourself craving something sweet, Milky Way is just the place for you. With signature offerings like Blue Sky with a Few Clouds and One, Two, or Three Ice Cream Spheres, Milky Way is quite understandably a favorite among the kids. Do not forget to get the souvenir soda cup at this Kennedy Space Center dining outlet.

ice cream

Space Dots

Dining at Kennedy Space Center must include its signature offering, the Space Dots. Located close to Space Shuttle Atlantis, this outlet offers innovative ice cream and gelato in your favorite galactic flavors. The Space Dots are known far and wide for their thematic presentation and delectable flavor.

All Your Questions Answered About the Restaurants at Kennedy Space Center Answered

Is there food available at Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, food is available at multiple restaurants in Kennedy Space Center with many options to choose from.

Is there a place to eat at Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, you can eat at Kennedy Space Center. There are several restaurants available for you to eat at.

Does the Kennedy Space Center have a restaurant?

Yes, Orbit Cafe, Moon Rock Cafe, and Milky Way are some of the restaurants at Kennedy Space Center.

Is outside food allowed in Kennedy Space Center?

Food and beverages packed in small, soft-sided coolers are permitted.

Is there alcohol at Kennedy Space Center?

Yes, you can drink alcohol at the Planet Play Lounge.

How long does it take to go through the Kennedy Space Center?

It takes about 3-6 hours to get through Kennedy Space Center.

Is the Kennedy Space Center still active?

Yes, Kennedy Space Center is still active and visitors are welcome. You can book your tickets to Kennedy Space Center in Florida here.

Where is the NASA Kennedy Space Center located?

The NASA Kennedy Space Center is located at Merritt Island in Florida.

What city and state is the Kennedy Space Center?

Kennedy Space Center is located in the city of Titusville in the state of Florida.