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Shop at Kennedy Space Center

Shopping at the Kennedy Space Center is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is after all, "The World's Largest Space Shop". Set up by NASA, this over 15,000 square feet Space Shop at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is also the world’s largest store dedicated solely to space memorabilia and NASA gear. At the newly renovated retail store you can shop at Kennedy Space Center for awesome souvenirs, latest NASA clothing, merch, accessories and gear. Going to shop at Kennedy Space Center is also going to be super interactive, given that you get to walk in the steps of NASA astronauts across the original Apollo 11 gantry, click pictures at the astronaut selfie station, personalize mementos and more. FYI, you can shop at the Kennedy Space Center store online as well!

Shop at Kennedy Space Center


The Space Shop

  • At The Space Shop you will uncover hidden and rare space memorabilia and NASA gear.
  • Think over 300 space-centric items like hats, hoodies, tees, jackets & sweatshirts, space socks that are designed after popular Nasa programs like Artemis, Mars 2020, Apollo, SpaceX and more.
  • On the second floor you can walk in the steps of NASA astronauts across the original Apollo 11 gantry.
  • You can personalize your gear and merchandise at the customization Station.
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The Right Stuff

  • The Right Stuff store is located at the indoor Apollo or Saturn exhibit or complex.
  • Head here to bag exclusive moon landing souvenirs and the Apollo program memorabilia including iconic statements as graphic tees like "Failure Is Not An Option", Earthrise Framed Photo with Coin Limited Edition, Apollo 17 Mission Patch, Zippo Moon Boot Print 50th Anniversary, Apollo Program Flight Jacket and plenty more.
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The Online Store

  • If you can't make it to the Kennedy Space Center, no sweat! Just check out their official online store to shop all the merch you see offline.
  • They also assure fast shipping in 1-2 business days and 30-day returns on all items. T
  • hey offer delivery to any valid international address. However, due to COVID-19 shipping is seeing increased delays.

All Your Questions Answered About Shopping at Kennedy Space Center

Does NASA Kennedy Space Center have a shop?

Yes, you can shop at Kennedy Space Center at "The World's Largest Space Shop" for stellar souvenirs and other gear.

What can you shop for at Kennedy Space Center?

You can shop for rare space memorabilia and NASA gear among many other things at the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Where is the NASA Kennedy Space Center located?

The NASA Kennedy Space Center is located on Merritt Island in Central Florida in the United States of America. It is also very close to Orlando and Daytona Beach.

What city and state is the Kennedy Space Center?

Kennedy Space Center is at Merritt City, Merritt Island in the state of Florida.

How long does it take to go through the Kennedy Space Center?

You must spend a minimum of at least 6 hours exploring and enjoying the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. An ideal visit would be to spend an entire day which is 9 hours here. This way you get to see everything.

Should I buy Kennedy Space Center Tickets in advance?

It is best to buy your tickets online for a hassle free experience. This way a sure shot spot is secured for you. Make sure to do so a day or two in advance at most. On the day booking is not guaranteed.