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Kennedy Space Center Tours | Dive into the World of Space Exploration

One of the 10 field centers of NASA, the Kennedy Space Center is the primary launch center for human spaceflights. It is also the only place in the United States from where the public can view rocket and space shuttle launches. The center’s Visitor Complex has several places of interest worth visiting like the Rocket Garden, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, ICON Park, Apollo/Saturn V center, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and more.

From space travel equipment to rocks from outer space, this is where you can explore all things space. Read on to know more about how Kennedy Space Center tours are the perfect way to explore this center.

Why Take a Kennedy Space Center Tour?

The Kennedy Space Center is one of the most prominent and popular tourist attractions in the United States. Here are the reasons why you should take a guided tour.

kennedy space center tours
All Your Kennedy Space Center Tour Options

Kennedy Space Center 1-Day Admission - Skip the Line Tickets

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Kennedy Space Center Day Tour with Transfers

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Kennedy Space Center Small Group VIP Experience

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Transfers to the Kennedy Space Center

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Kennedy Space Center Tour with Access to ICON Park

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Guided Tours vs Non-Guided Tours

kennedy space center tours

Guided Tours

  • A guided tour includes an expert tour, who will provide you with all you need to know about the attraction.
  • The skip the line feature on your guided tour ticket guarantees priority access to the space center, which means you won’t have to wait in long queues for hours.
  • A guided tour has a fixed itinerary, which makes it easier to explore the attraction.
  • A guided tour includes a small group of people for a better experience.
kennedy space center tours

Non-Guided Tours

  • A general admission ticket allows you to explore the attraction at your own pace.
  • You can get yourself an audio guide to know more about the attraction.
  • A general admission ticket does not allow you to skim past huge crowds to enter the attraction. You will have to wait in long queues that could take between 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

What to Expect on a Kennedy Space Center Guided Tour?

A Kennedy Space Center Tour will help you explore the place more efficiently. An expert tour guide with in-depth knowledge of the attraction will ensure that you make the most of your visit by taking you around and giving you an insight into all the important places of interest inside the space center’s visitor complex, which has been categorized into different mission zones with tours and attractions set according to the timeline.

The guided tour includes a meet-and-greet with an astronaut, a walking tour of the Space Shuttle Atlantis facility, a visit to the iconic Shuttle Launch Experience simulator, a half-an-hour airboat safari, and a ride on the iconic wheel at ICON Park. Watch IMAX movies, go on a 3D moonwalk, visit the Rocket Garden, touch a piece of moon rock, try your hand at different kinds of simulators, get a feel of what it is like to float in space, or go on a bus tour – there’s so much you can do at the Kennedy Space Center.

Your guided tour tickets include transportation facilities to and from the Kennedy Space Center.

Highlights Covered on your Kennedy Space Center Guided Tour

kennedy space center tours | rocket garden

Rocket Garden

Go on a walk to the surreal rock garden consisting of giant rocket ‘flowers’. A stroll along the garden is like walking with the giants – real machines and rockets that kickstarted the United States’ space exploration programme. The Gemini, Apollo, and Mercury programmes by NASA also find representation here. The garden is not just a celebration of the US’ space journey but also a tribute to the scientists, engineers, and astronauts who turned this dream into reality.

kennedy space center tours | US astronaut hall of fame

US Astronaut Hall of Fame

The US Astronaut Hall of Fame at the Kennedy Space center pays tribute to the American astronauts who worked on different space programmes, projects, and explorations since the center was founded. The place also boasts the world’s largest collection of personal souvenirs and memorabilia of the astronauts, who were inducted into the hall of fame. Also, know more about the space programme and the team that made it possible for humans to step on the moon. 

kennedy sapce cetner tours | ICON park


Experience breathtaking views of the city from The Wheel at the popular ICON Park at Kennedy Space Center. It’s an amusement park located in Orlando comprising some fun rides, the iconic 400-feet high Ferris wheel, a Madame Tussauds museum, a 7D theatre, a museum of illusions, a reverse bungee ride, an aquarium, and a few shopping and dining places. The park also includes the tallest (and temporarily closed) drop tower ride in the world.

kennedy space center tours | space shuttle Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Complex offers visitors a glimpse into the historic space missions and their significance. Marvel at every detail of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and replicas of different space equipment like rocket boosters and external tanks of space shuttles. It is one of the three space shuttles on display in the United States that tells the story of the 30-year Space Shuttle Programme conducted by NASA through interactive exhibits that celebrate its history, technology, and impact.

kennedy space center tours | shuttle launch

Shuttle Launch Experience

A visit to the Kennedy Space Center is incomplete without experiencing a space shuttle launch yourself. The Shuttle Launch Experience takes place inside a 44,000 square foot building that is home to four simulators. Each simulator can accommodate 44 people. Experience what it’s like to be thrown into space. It’s almost the real deal, just without the gravitational force. 

kennedy space center tours | apollo V

Apollo/Saturn V Center

The Apollo/Saturn V center is a 100,000 square foot facility that houses the real but restored Saturn V launch vehicle – the largest rocket to have ever flown in human and space history. It’s a unique interactive exhibit that pays tribute to the extraordinary team, technology and equipment that made it possible for man to set foot on the moon. The facility is a celebration of the programme’s success. Visitors also get a glimpse of the exhibits related to the Apollo space programme.

kennedy space center tours | bus

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour

You cannot afford to miss the bus tour on your visit to the Kennedy Space Center. The bus tours offer a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at the space center. They take you on a ride through the center’s iconic highlights and places of interest. These bus tours include an expert guide with in-depth knowledge of the space center and everything that happens there. You also get to stop at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a closer look at the launch sites of the various space programmes conducted here.

kennedy space center tours | airboat safari

Airboat Safari

The Kennedy Space Center is surrounded by nature, wetlands, wildlife, and conservation areas, which is why an airboat safari ride is a must on your visit here. This half-an-hour long ride on St. Johns River is a major highlight of the guided tour. It takes visitors through the nearby swamps that boast unique flora and fauna – flowers, exotic plants, birds and wildlife. Finish your tour of the space center and then go for the airboat safari to experience nature at its best.

Visitor Tips

  • Book your tickets online and in advance because Kennedy Space Center has implemented cashless transactions.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because you’ll have to walk around quite a bit.
  • All visitors are required to wear masks indoors and practice social distancing.
  • Paid parking facilities are available for motorcycles, automobiles, and oversized vehicles.
  • Currently, no public transport facilities are available to take you to the visitor complex. You can book Kennedy Space Center Day Tours to enjoy round-trip transportation from locations across the city.
  • You can carry food and beverages in small coolers. Glass bottles and containers are not allowed.
  • Visitors with reduced mobility can get the Guest Accessibility Pass (GAP) from the information desk. Wheelchairs, ECVs, scooters, and strollers are also available for rent. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Kennedy Space Center Tours

Q. Can I book a Kennedy Space Center tour?

A. Yes. You can book a Kennedy Space Center tour here.

Q. How can I book a Kennedy Space Center guided tour?

A. You can book your Kennedy Space Center tour online.

Q. How much does a Kennedy Space Center tour cost?

A. Kennedy Space Center tours start at $60.99.

Q. What are the different types of Kennedy Space Center tours?

A. There are four different types of Kennedy Space Center tours – day tour with transfers, small group VIP experience, day tour with airboat safari, and Kennedy Space center tour with access to ICON Park.

Q. What is included in Kennedy Space Center guided tours?

A. The Kennedy Space Center tour includes all the important attractions that you should visit while you’re here like the ICON Park, Rocket Garden, US Astronaut Hall of Fame, Space Shuttle Atlantic, Apollo/Saturn V center, Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour, and more.

Q. In what languages are the Kennedy Space Center tours?

A. The Kennedy Space Center tours are available in English only.

Q. What does the Kennedy Space Center tour cover?

A. The Kennedy Space Center tour covers all the major places you must visit at the center – ICON Park, Airboat Safari, Shuttle Launch Experience, Rocket Garden, and more.

Q. Is a Kennedy Space Center tour worth it?

A. Yes. A Kennedy Space Center tour is worth it because you get to explore the attraction and know more about it with the help of an expert tour guide who knows the place inside out.

Q. Do the Kennedy Space Center tours include skip-the-line access?

A. Yes. Your Kennedy Space Center guided tour tickets come with a skip-the-line feature.

Q. Can I cancel a booked Kennedy Space Center tour?

A. Yes. You can get a full refund upon cancellation of the ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule.

Q. How long is the Kennedy Space Center tour?

A. It takes about 10 hours to cover all the major sites inside the space center.

Q. Are there any discounted tickets for the Kennedy Space Center tours?

A. Yes. Discounted tickets are available for children between 3-11 years of age. A valid photo ID will be required.